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SCOTUS LGBTQ Decision and What It Means for Your Organization

In this bonus episode of The Science of Personality Podcast, Ryne and Blake are joined by Hogan Talent Analytics Consultant Chase Winterberg to discuss the implications of the Supreme Court’s decision that gender identity and sexual orientation are protected under federal law. As an I/O psychologist and a licensed attorney, Chase offers an expert perspective as to how this decision affects organizations nationwide.

Women in Leadership

In episode 2 of The Science of Personality Podcast, Ryne and Blake welcome Hogan Assessments Manager and Senior Consultant Amber Burkhart, Ph.D., to discuss the research she’s done on female leaders and how they compare to male leaders from a personality standpoint. Ryne, Blake, and Amber also discuss how countries with female leaders have performed in handling the COVID-19 pandemic compared to their male counterparts.

Michael Jordan and Leadership Effectiveness

In the first episode of The Science of Personality, hosts Ryne Sherman and Blake Loepp dissect Michael Jordan’s personality and leadership style through the lens of the recent ESPN documentary series, The Last Dance. Specifically, Ryne and Blake discuss how Michael Jordan’s leadership style aligns with the six core ingredients of effective leadership: integrity, decision-making, competence, vision, persistence, and humility.