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Leadership in Brazil: Chat GPT vs. Hogan Data

In the latest episode of The Science of Personality, Ryne and Blake are joined by Roberto Santos, Managing Director at Ateliê RH in Brazil, to discuss the personality of Brazilian leaders vs global leaders. Although the personality traits that differentiate Brazilian leaders from other leaders across the globe can vary based on cultural differences, Roberto and the team at Hogan have identified some common characteristics that distinguish Brazilian leaders from others based on Hogan data. However, Chat GPT 4.0 described Brazilian leaders quite differently with regard to several key personality characteristics. 

Cryptozoology: Talking Bigfoot and Beyond with Cliff Barackman

In the latest episode of The Science of Personality Podcast, Ryne and Blake are joined by Cliff Barackman, a world-renowned bigfoot field researcher and cryptozoologist, former star of Animal Planet’s hit series Finding Bigfoot, and host of the popular podcast Bigfoot and Beyond, to talk about cryptozoology. For our listeners who are unfamiliar with this topic, cryptozoology is defined as “the search for and study of animals whose existence or survival is disputed or unsubstantiated.” However, whether or not you believe in the existence of things like bigfoot or other undiscovered entities, it’s difficult to altogether ignore thousands of stories and testimonials from across the globe throughout history that point to these things potentially being real. 

Listen to Bigfoot and Beyond with Cliff and Bobo: https://www.bigfootandbeyondpodcast.com/

More about Cliff: https://cliffbarackman.com/

The History and Psychology of UFOs

In the latest episode of The Science of Personality Podcast, Ryne and Blake are joined by Greg Eghigian, PhD, Professor of History and Bioethics at Penn State University, to discuss one of the hottest topics in the world today: the UFO/UAP phenomenon. Although Dr. Eghigian is a historian of human sciences and also modern Europe, his more recent research interests have shifted to studying the history of supernatural and paranormal phenomena, particularly when it comes to the history of UFOs. In fact, he recently appeared on the show “UnXplained,” hosted by William Shatner, to share his wisdom on the topic. 

Women Leading Through a Pandemic, Part 2

In the latest episode of The Science of Personality Podcast, Ryne and Blake are joined by Kelsey Medeiros, PhD, professor of management at University of Nebraska Omaha, to talk about her new book, Painted Wolves, which takes an in-depth look at how female heads of state addressed the Covid-19 pandemic from a leadership standpoint more effectively than their male counterparts. For our longtime listeners, you might remember us talking about this with Dr. Medeiros back in episode eight. At the time, we were dealing with limited data. However, we now have a clearer picture of just how effective these female leaders actually were when leading through a pandemic. 

Buy Kelsey’s book, Painted Wolves, here: https://shorturl.at/diqR2 

The Science of Memory

In the latest episode of The Science of Personality Podcast, Ryne and Blake are joined by Ryan Rush, a consultant on Hogan’s Corporate Solutions team, to discuss the science of memory. Prior to joining Hogan, Ryan was an associate professor of psychology and department chair at Franklin College in Indiana where much of his research focused on examining the social facilitation and inhibition of memory. So, because this is a fascinating topic and we have a resident expert on the subject, we thought our listeners would really enjoy this conversation.

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